About Sumanshu


In 1984 we did got our first dog,a mix doberman,wich looked like a brown Dober.

He was our buddy.We made lots of walks with him.We decided to find our boy named Kazan a friend.Will's parents allways had German sheperds,and Petra's parents had a bouvier.So the question was wich breed was the one wich we would choose.It was the Bouvier.We planned to find us a white Bouvier,but when we visited a breeder from Bouviers we fell in love with Milord,our first male bouvier,dark brindle in colour.He was such a great character,and after many visits to his breeder for get him groomed we started to show him.With succes. After a while the showvirus did develope and we decided to get a female bouvier for having a litter in future.That was Zerna,a wonderfull black bitch with a lot of character.She gave us nice baby's.We bred one litter bouviers a year with several bitches we had during some years.The showhighlight in the bouviers was our ownbred boy Nikki Santa van de Dennehoeve(our kennelname for the bouviers).He got the American-Canadian-German VDh-Winner 1995 and Dutch ch ship with several groupwins.


Padishah Goldie v/d Fabremahof



After seven years our mix Kazan had an accident and died.We were so confused as we missed that other colour of dog between the bouviers.We did search for a breed wich would fit together in the bouvierherd.We searched and we fell in love with a golden Tibetan Terrier we saw on a open show.We visited a breeder from Bouviers as well as Tibetan Teriers,and there we bought in June 1993 our first T.T. girl Padishah Goldie V.D. Fabremahof. She became the love of our life,and soon we had more from these '' little humans" in dogsuits.This was a start of a new "generation''. Feel free to surf  on our site and meet our TT's.

We live in Echt,in the province of Limburg,in the Netherlands.This little city you can find on the map at the lowest part of the Netherlands,between the German and Belgian border.We live two hours driving from Schiphol airport(Amsterdam),and a bit than one hour driving from Zaventem(Brussels) airport in Belgium.Our T.T.'s and Bouvier live with us in the house,were they can run free in and out.We have no kennelholding.A T.T. is a dog what wants to live next to their people,and not only outside.In the area we live is the possibility to go for a walk with the dogs.The fields,near the canal,or in the woods.Limburg has a lot of places to visite or going for sightseeing.Maastricht,our capital city is a half an hour driving from us.There you can find a lot of history.Also Belgium and Germany has many places to visit. In Colone(Koln) in Germany there is the big cathedral the Kolner dom,wich is very interesting to see.Belgium has his City's as Brussels or Antwerp wich is interesting to visit.In the Netherlands you find the local V.V.V. offices wich can give you more information about places to visite.

Health and character is very important to us.All our dogs have their hips,patella's and eyes checked before whe breed with them.The eyes get checked every year.Our females will have not more than 3 litters in their entire life,and we retire the females from having baby's after the age of six years.

Our pups grow up in around the house.They get used to play outside,go by car to visite someone or go for a walk in the woods.They know what it means to walk on a lead,and they are all well socialized with other dogs,the noises in and around the house and on the street,visitors and children. It is very important that a pup has a good social life in the first twelve weeks of his life,because of this will give him a lot of self confedence and an open character for the future,wich whe prefere.

The pups get their first shot at the age of six weeks,the second with nine weeks,and the booster shot with twelve weeks.They get the wormcures with,two,three,five and seven weeks.

Between the age of six and nine weeks the pups will be microchipped. The Dutch kennelclub uses ISO microchips.The number from the microchip is also on the pedigree. The pedigrees are all sealed,and you can find a three generation of parents on it.

If the pups are eight weeks old,they are ready to go to their new homes.The most people visited their puppy several times before it comes to them. The people get a lot of information as,how to raise a puppy,foodscedule,teeth changing,puberty,coatcare,etc.They also have the possibility to call us for any questions they have.